Facts & Figures

A European parcels delivery network that keeps growing

Kiala offers fast and convenient delivery & return of your parcels to close-by collection points.

  • A unique and many times awarded technology platform that ensures a very high quality service.
  • Today, the European network of Kiala can count on 6,700 Kiala Points and more than 1,000 Click & Collect Points distributed in 5 European markets (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Spain).
  • In February 2012, Kiala joined the UPS group. Since then, the model has been deployed under the name of UPS Access PointTM in the UK and Germany in 2013, and in Italy and Poland in 2014. The network now includes over 13,000 collection points in 9 European markets. In October 2014, the UPS Access Point network also became available in Chicago and New York City, and is being deployed in Canada and Mexico. UPS & Kiala expect to grow the number of locations to 20,000 in key markets in Europe and the Americas by the end of 2015.

Awards and Prizes

For its technological platform dedicated to a Collection Point network

For its 1 for 1 exchange solution in a Collection Point (patent)

For its intelligent return solution of parcels in Collection Points

For its solution dedicated to multichannel players, facilitating online purchase/collection in store


A 98,5% satisfaction score

According to a survey on 10,000 consumers, Kiala has a high satisfaction rate of 98.5%.

Moreover, it was shown that Kiala users are very active e-consumers. Indeed, Kiala users usually buy twice as often on the Internet as the average e-consumer (43% of Kiala users vs. 22% of online consumers buy at least once a month on the Internet). *

* Source: Study Kiala/Marquest, July 2010 on 10 000 people.

The Kiala user's profile

  •     60% of Kiala users are women
  •     72% of Kiala users are between 25 and 54 years old
  •     67% of Kiala users are part of the working population
  •     49% of Kiala users are part of the top occupational categories *

* Source: Kiala survey conducted in July 2010 with 10,000 Kiala users