Kiala and UPS Begin Co-branding this summer

Last update: 6/26/2014 2:02 PM

As a worldwide company providing logistics services, UPS is known for the quality of its service and operational excellence. Following UPS’s acquisition of Kiala in 2012, UPS has expanded the Kiala offering to other countries around the world under the name UPS Access PointTM.

We are now introducing the UPS brandmark to the Kiala Point locations.

Starting in June 2014, co-branded UPS and Kiala window stickers will be distributed to each of the Kiala locations in France, the Netherlands, and Spain. Belgium and Luxembourg are set to follow later this year. The co-branded materials, featuring the phrase “Kiala is becoming UPS Access Point” will also appear on the Kiala website and in customer e-mail notifications beginning in June. This phrase signifies that Kiala locations will gradually change to UPS Access Point locations.

To ensure a smooth transition, the two brands will coexist until the change is complete, which is expected in 2016.

This transition period will allow enough time for consumers to observe that UPS Access Point locations offer the reliable, convenient experience that they have come to know and enjoy with Kiala.


What’s the impact for you?

-       I’m a shipper

-       I’m a Kiala Point

-       I’m a consumer

I’m a shipper:

In the coming months, UPS and Kiala will maintain a consistent consumer experience for your customers. At this time, the only changes are to the co-branding elements, which will be seen in the shop windows, on the Kiala website and in customer notifications.


I’m a Kiala Point

Your Kiala representative will place the window sticker; no action is required from you at this stage and there are no changes in your daily collaboration with us.


I’m a consumer

In the coming months you will see the co-branding materials in email notifications and Kiala Point locations. There is no change in your shipping/receiving experience at this time.